Basics of Psychodynamic Psychotherapy


Florida Psychoanalytic Center pic

Florida Psychoanalytic Center

A licensed clinical psychologist in private practice, Dr. David Steinbok draws on extensive training in psychodynamic psychotherapy. Having completed his PsyD with a concentration in psychodynamic work, Dr. David Steinbok has gone on to receive his certification in psychodynamic psychotherapy from the Florida Psychoanalytic Center.

Psychodynamic psychotherapy arose as a way of accomplishing the ends of psychoanalysis, including an understanding of early experiences and their impact on individuals in the present, without the extended time commitment that psychoanalysis typically requires. Like psychoanalysis, it asks the patient to open himself or herself to, and subsequently explore, any thoughts and issues that come to mind.

The goal of psychodynamic therapy is to identify negative or repressed emotions so that the patient can find their source. This in turn enables him or her to understand better how those past experiences shape his or her present behaviors, decisions, and relationships. The therapist helps the patient to rely on this understanding to change his or her current thought processes and alter behavioral patterns.

The patient-therapist relationship is extremely important in psychodynamic psychotherapy, as it provides both parties with a model of how the patient behaves in relationships. However, unlike in psychoanalysis, the therapist also focuses on the patient’s relationships and interactions in the real world. This enables the patient and therapist to identify patterns and find ways in which those patterns can change.


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