How Psychoanalytic Therapy Works


Psychoanalytic Therapy pic

Psychoanalytic Therapy

Dr. David Steinbok is a clinical psychologist based in Boca Raton, Florida. Focused on emotional and personality disorders, David Steinbok uses a variety of treatment methods such as psychoanalytic therapy.

Psychoanalytic therapy aims to reveal a patient’s unconscious, deeply repressed thoughts and feelings. It is a form of therapy in which a psychotherapist works with a patient to discover deeply buried memories, usually from childhood, and bring them to the fore in order to identify how they have affected the person’s thinking and behavior.

This therapy is typically implemented for people struggling with depression and emotional trauma. It is also helpful for those with personality disorders, neurotic behavior patterns, and relationship issues. A psychotherapist will use various techniques to bring hidden memories or thoughts to the conscious mind. One of these is free association, in which the therapist says a word, and the patient responds with the first thing that comes to mind. Another is dream analysis, which involves the psychotherapist and patient working together to discover the hidden meanings of dreams.

Psychoanalytic therapy gives patients the opportunity to talk about openly about things they have not talked about before in order to better understand their feelings, thoughts, and actions at a deeper level. This realization gives patients a sense of control, allowing them to take charge of their lives.


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