Childhood Trauma May Raise Risk of Suicide in Bipolar Patients

David Steinbok

David Steinbok

A licensed clinical psychologist in private practice for nearly a decade, Dr. David Steinbok sees patients who have a number of mental health conditions. Dr. David Steinbok often works with people with bipolar disorder, which can cause dramatic mood changes, problems carrying out even minor tasks, and suicidal thoughts or behaviors.

According to a study of patients with bipolar disorder, a history of childhood trauma can be an aggravating risk factor for future suicidal behavior. The research was published in a recent issue of the Journal of Affective Disorders that looked at various data points among 135 outpatient participants in Spain’s Bipolar Disorder Program. In their research, the study personnel observed that 62 percent of the people recruited into the study displayed suicidal behavior.

Study participants identified a number of different types of childhood trauma, with the four most commonly reported being emotional neglect, emotional abuse, physical neglect, and sexual abuse. Based on these results, the study authors urge more research with a larger number of patients to confirm their findings.


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