Common Symptoms of an Anxiety Disorder


Anxiety Disorder

Dr. David Steinbok has provided patients in and around Boca Raton, Florida, with psychological diagnoses and treatments since 2011. During this time Dr. David Steinbok has assisted patients with a variety of conditions and disorders, including anxiety and depression.

Most individuals live with some degree of anxiety on a daily basis. In some cases, however, anxiety can have a persistent negative impact on a person’s life to such an extent that he or she may need to seek treatment for an anxiety disorder. To begin, individuals should be aware of the fact that anxiety disorders come in many different forms. That said, there are several symptoms common to most anxiety-based conditions.

Excessive worrying is one of the most common signs of an anxiety disorder. Again, normal life events such as moving or getting a new job can result in high levels of stress and anxiety. When worrying becomes endless and disproportionate with the triggering events, an anxiety disorder may be to blame. Clinically speaking, excessive worrying can be defined as occurring more often than not for a minimum of six months.

Anxiety disorders can physically manifest in several ways, most notably as an elevated heart rate, dry mouth, and sweaty, shaking hands. These and similar symptoms occur when the brain tells the body to prepare for danger, despite no active threat being present.

Finally, an often overlooked symptom of anxiety disorders is fatigue. Anxiety attacks and general anxiety symptoms keep the mind and body in a state of heightened agitation. However, these states may be immediately followed by periods of fatigue. It is unclear whether the fatigue should be attributed to the hormonal impact of anxiety or related symptoms like insomnia.

Additional symptoms that can indicate an anxiety disorder include an inability to maintain concentration, muscle tension, and a tendency to avoid social situations.


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